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February 2022 Archived News

News February 19 2022


343 shares mid-season update news
Yesterday 343 dropped a Halo Waypoint update that details forthcoming updates to Infinite, from the technical (campaign and multiplayer bug fixes) to small balance changes (yay for a longer BTB motion tracker.) Give the overview a read, and you can check out full patch notes here when the update drops. (fuchsdh 21:26:01 UTC) (permalink)


News February 5 2022


Latest Halo Infinite update fixes BTB and more
Unyshek dropped a Waypoint update today; looks like BTB has been fixed, and they are upping the difficulty of bots for leavers (yay!) There will also be some changes to ranked, so stay tuned! (fuchsdh 02:48:40 UTC) (permalink)


News February 2 2022


The latest Canon Fodder details Denning drafts, serviceable ships, and evocative art
Canon Fodder #124 is live on Waypoint, giving us some more details about Troy Denning's next Halo novel, answering some fan questions, and showing off a host of vehicle and ship concept and info. Go read! (fuchsdh 21:01:34 UTC) (permalink)

Halo news backFebruary 2022Halo news forward