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News August 3 2022


An impossible challenge... beaten
In late June of this year, a streamer known as moistcr1tikal challenged the world: beat Halo 2, on Legendary, with All Skulls (except Envy, which makes things easier) On, in a single run... with no deaths. Nobody had ever done this before. He offered $5000 for this feat. A lot of people tried. Every single one of them failed. Mostly they failed so hard that on July 16, he upped the stakes: the prize was now $20,000. Gradually, it became clear that if this was going to be completed... it was going to be JerValiN that did it. And today... that's what happened. Go watch the 6 and a half hour run to see some serious dedication. (Thanks to Cody Miller for pointing this out in the first place, and MythicTyrant for letting me know of the successful run!) (Louis Wu 23:51:52 UTC) (permalink)

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