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August 2021 Archived News

News August 31 2021


The reaction to the last AHCS entry, after a decade of dormancy, was quite good - so ZZoMBiE13 is back with Another Halo Comic Strip (see what I did there?). As he said on DeviantART, he doesn't know where this might be going... but he's willing to at least release the newest idea! Go check it out. (Louis Wu 22:21:11 UTC) (permalink)


News August 26 2021


Halo Infinite gets a release date and an Xbox
Some meaty news from Gamescom today: new story trailer and a release date (December 8th). There’s also a limited edition Xbox bundle you can attempt to grab, if the struggle to get a next-generation console isn’t tough enough. (fuchsdh 00:26:26 UTC) (permalink)


News August 21 2021


The Return of an Old Friend
After a decade of quietness, ZZoMBiE13 was inspired by the Halo Infinite playtest to submit a new entry for Another Halo Comic Strip. Here's what he wrote on DeviantArt:

Been a while since I made a Halo comic. Been a while since I was this excited about a game, if I'm honest. The Infinite test flight was a lot of fun and I got inspired. No idea if there will be more or not, but we'll see.

What are you waiting for? Go enjoy it! (Louis Wu 15:03:29 UTC) (permalink)


News August 20 2021


343's August Infinite update details launch plans and season timetables
This month's update is a video, discussing the recent tech preview, plans for the season, and talks with Joe Staten, Brian Jarrard, and more about the launch timeframe.

(fuchsdh 19:43:43 UTC) (permalink)

Halo news backAugust 2021Halo news forward