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August 2020 Archived News

News August 31 2020


MCC Development Update August 2020
As another month goes, so too does another MCC Development Update drop. There's more details on ODST Firefight flighting, new customization and season rewards, upcoming features, and tournament news. Read at your leisure. (fuchsdh 23:38:32 UTC) (permalink)


Grim reminds us that lore, lore never changes in Canon Fodder #108
After a length hibernation, Grimbrother One's Canon Fodder column returns, bringing some tantalizing tidbits (and very cool concept art) about a new enemy we'll be facing, and the new armor we'll be wearing. Go read! (fuchsdh 23:36:20 UTC) (permalink)


News August 27 2020


Work up a big grunty thirst with the latest Halo Community Update
The latest Halo Community Update dropped yesterday. It covers a lot of Infinite updates that have come out in the last two months, and it has some big news to longtime Bungie/Halo fans: Joseph Staten is joining the team as campaign project lead. There's also Halo 5 and MCC news, esports, and community offerings. Go read! (fuchsdh 18:11:30 UTC) (permalink)


News August 11 2020


Halo Infinite delayed to 2021
In a brief letter on Halo Waypoint, project lead Chris Lee has announced that Halo Infinite will be delayed to 2021. (fuchsdh 19:16:09 UTC) (permalink)


News August 4 2020


Bad Cyborg is now local

For years (well, decades - we started reporting on his megabattle obsession in early 2004), Rockslider has been exploring the depths of the original Halo physics, and reporting his results. There are literally hundreds of videos in his collection, and the level of his commitment has been breathtaking. Recently, however, he announced that he was moving on from Halo, and that he was going to let the badcyborg.net domain expire. We offered a local archive, and he took us up on the offer - so this amazing collection of videos, started before Halo 3: ODST launched, continues to be available to you. Go explore! (Louis Wu 20:04:33 UTC) (permalink)

Halo news backAugust 2020Halo news forward