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August 2019 Archived News

News August 21 2019


Last chance to set sail on a Spartan-themed ship for Sea of Thieves
If you play Sea of Thieves any time between the 20th and 24th this month, you can nab a pretty spiffy theme for your ship. Thanks for the reminder, BOLL. (fuchsdh 18:21:43 UTC) (permalink)


News August 20 2019


Remind to prep your file shares for the great (MCC) migration
343 would like to remind you that there will be a one-time migration of content from 360 Halo file shares to the new MCC hotness. That one-time migration is next Monday, so prep your file shares this weekend! (fuchsdh 23:35:08 UTC) (permalink)


News August 19 2019


I'm ready, how about you? (For some Halo x Gears 5 crossover)
Noble Team's Kat and Emile have found their way into Gears 5 via a nifty little promotion:

Thanks for the heads-up, Robofin117. (fuchsdh 23:41:27 UTC) (permalink)


News August 15 2019


COLLECTIVE: A Multi-Halo Tricking/Launching Montage
If you're in the mood for Halo players getting into places they're not supposed to be, this tricking/launching video clocks in a 30 minutes and is filled with chicanery and 'how did they do that?' moments. Thanks, RVideo. (fuchsdh 23:40:40 UTC) (permalink)

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