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April 2020 Archived News

News April 30 2020


MCC Development Update April 2020
As the month goes, so too does the latest MCC development update, chock-full of H2 flighting updates (H2 is releasing soon!), challenges, teases for H3 and ODST, and pictures of 343 making things happen while working from home.


Master Chief replaces Noble Six in Halo Reach
If you ever wondered what Halo: Reach would be like if Master Chief subbed in for Noble Six's role, wonder no longer. Generalkidd has released a video where they replace all of Six's dialogue with the voice of Steve Downes himself. Thanks, Kermit. (fuchsdh 15:05:08 UTC) (permalink)


News April 22 2020


Using an old trick, Rockslider starts to have some fun on "The Maw", playing around with some fleeing Covenant to end up with some interesting results. Go watch his multi-part series! (fuchsdh 22:14:04 UTC) (permalink)


News April 1 2020


MCC Development Update March 2020
Just barely squeaking in before April, there's the customary MCC development update. It's got playlist updates, CE bug reports, design interviews, and more. Go read! (fuchsdh 13:02:26 UTC) (permalink)

Halo news backApril 2020Halo news forward