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ubald: Halo Renders


Brute Assault (originally posted at Renderosity,June 21, 2010)
Brute Assault: Hi everyone!, I tried a few diff things with this Image. I want to brush up on my post work-flow, I painted all FXs and dust mixing with the environment. I rendered this at a low res and painted in the details. Yeah it may sound funny, its my way to force myself not to rely on the models. One more brute to go I think? the War Chieftain:) I think Im going to try some super hero stuff:) its been a bit.. Credits: Brute by Robotlouisstevenson// ODST by Darkvibe mapping by me.. Rigged Posed and Rendered 3d max// Post-work dig painting color ajust and filter work CS2 (Photoshop) I hope you all like the results.

Large version (3231x1468, 484K)


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