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Trevor Chesler's Mjolnir Armor

In September, 2006, Trevor Chesler sent along the first of a series of pictures of some armor he's putting together - if we get more, they'll be added to this page. In his own words:

The materials I am planning on using are as follows.


  • Goop- Plenty of it.
  • Foam Board
  • Mat Board
  • Bondo Resin
  • Plasti Resin
  • Molds
  • Filler
  • Textured Professional Paint- I may bring in an expert for this.
  • Neoprene  (for the Joints)

Under Armor

  • Wet Suit with modifications
  • Foam


    • LED Lights
    • Voice Box
    • A few Surprises


    • Sword -Technology here will be advanced use of existing commercail items.  I WILL GLOW.
    • SMG
  • Sounds great!

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    OCTOBER 3, 2006 - NOTES

    FLEX PASTE: I have used this material before and has proven to be very useful. In order to get the angles and curves out, I use a few layers of the flex paste. Once this stuff is dry I can then begin sanding away until I get the general shape. If you sand too much another layer of this flex paste will correct the mistake. I am currently in the sanding phase and using some pretty heavy grit sand paper. Once I am done with general shape I will use a dremel to get into the detailing.

    HEAD PIECE: I tried this on because I was concerned about proportion and detail. Nothing is attached pemanently yet so this was more or less a dry run to see what areas I need to work on. For example, the cap needs to be more rounded in the front and the chin plate needs to be toned down a bit more, along with the jaw bone section that will house some electronics down the road. I am thinking of adjusting the visor as well.

    MISC NOTES: I have found a fabric that is used for padding floors, this fabric is thick "Neoprene" type material that will be used for underpadding...more to come on this in the near future. I have done some research on electronics and it looks like I will be using lighting underneath the suit to produce a glow. I probably will not go with the traditional Green of MC...rather I will go a dark navy blue or steel (More of a night time look) Hope you all enjoy the pics and the progress. Feel free to write me with suggestions.
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    OCTOBER 13, 2006 - NOTES

    Here is the latest pics from the armor...I am getting close to finishing the helmet...

    I will soon be attaching the jaw piece to the headpiece. Once this is done I will be using foam rubber for the backing as well as the interior for padding. I found out I can't use the resin on the foam board due to chemistry so I may have to modify my materials going forward. I will be tinting my visor gold becasue I felt if I was going to go thru all this trouble to have it look similar to the game then I should at least try for it all to be accurate..
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