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TheLegendary117's Statue Collection

Tom Garrett (aka TheLegendary117) has been collecting life-sized Halo statues for a while; we mentioned his passion in November 2012. In April, 2013, we got another email from him, along with a bunch of pics - you can find them below. In Tom's words:

I had emailed you guys last year to seek some help tracking a couple life size Halo statues I needed for my collection. Since then, I have tracked down and have, safely, acquired Carter from Halo Reach! I am now only missing Jun to complete Noble Team and the Halo 2 Master Chief Muckle to complete my statue collection. I wanted to share a few pictures with you guy's and thought maybe you could share them. I just want to share my passion and love for Halo with all those who are in love with the series as much as I am.


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