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XBC conversation... ROTFLMAO...........
Posted By: skavenger_s7 Date: 1/14/03 12:47 a.m.

Overheard in the main lobby of XBC......................................

WT-Money: Hey, I am new here. How do you hook up your Xbox to the Internet?

Skavenger_s7: Hey "WT"... I can help. What's the problem?

WT-Money: I downloaded the program, but how do I connect my Xbox?

Skavenger_s7: Did you pull out the green cable from your Xbox and see what style end it has?

WT-Money: No, where is it?

Skavenger_s7: If you have a newer Xbox it is just hanging off the back.

WT-Money: No, mine must be old.

Reaper: Dude! Skav is totally bullshitting you!

Skavenger_s7: Shut up Reaper, Now "WT"....You must have an old box, do you have a small screwdriver?

WT-Money: Yeah, I got it last month. I have a screwdriver.

Skavenger_s7: OK, on top of your box see the green "Xbox" emblem? Pry it off and there will be a port under it for a cable.

WT-Money: It came off but I broke it. There is nothing but dried glue!

Skavenger_s7: Ok, let's back up a second. Look on the bottom of your box. Where was it made?

(Please insert about 15 players discounting my knowledge with jabs at me, and my new dumbass friend) ...most laughing...

WT-Money: It says Redmond Washington.

Skavenger_s7: That’s too bad, it is a base model. It may never get online.

WT-Money: What!!?? My Dad just paid 200 bucks for this! What do you mean a base model?

Skavenger_s7: Well the state of Washington was contracted by Microsoft to build a bunch of them because they were the lowest bidder. The problem is boxes like yours are made with cheap parts.

WT-Money: Why did they use cheap shit in something like this! That sucks!

Skavenger_s7: The company that did the assembly didn’t have the technical knowledge. It's not really there fault, the whole state of Washington struggles with newer technologies.

WT-Money: Well, then they shouldn't build games!!!!

Skavenger_s7: Generally they don't. They mainly produce fruit. The whole state is covered in apple trees. You still need help? There might still be a way.

(Insert here anyone who was on line that new... well... anything! and decided to have a comment)

WT-Money: Yes, please.

Skavenger_s7: OK. You need to unplug your box (safety reasons) then open up the case. We are looking for a Yellow connector tied to the inside of the case.

................. 5 minutes passed... I waited; I knew he would be back...

WT-Money: I tried but I broke the case. There is a hole in it, but I can't get it apart.

Skavenger_s7: Look through the hole. Do you see the connector?

WT-Money: No.

Skavenger_s7: HM?

WT-Money: 1 why?

Skavenger_s7: No, sorry wasn't asking "How Many" you had, lol, was like being confused.

WT-Money: Confused because there is no connector?

Skavenger_s7: No, that you couldn’t get the case apart. That and the fact that your green emblem was glued means someone has been into your box before you.

WT-Money: WHAT!!!!! BRB!!!!!

WT-Money: I just went and made sure my Dad didn't buy it used or something.

Skavenger_s7: Are you sure? I mean I am trying to help but I must know what we are dealing with here. Would he lie to you?

WT-Money: I'll ask. BRB

WT-Money: Scavenger. This is Roger's dad. Are you here?

WT-Money: Scavenger?

(Insert an entire gang of players dying with laughter watching how this turns out)

Skavenger_s7: Are you looking for me? And if so, who is Roger?

WT-Money: Yes!

Skavenger_s7: Sorry, I am Skavenger with a "K"; you used a "C"

WT-Money: Why did you tell my son to break his Xbox?

Skavenger_s7: What do you mean?

XBC automatic moderator: WT-money has been kicked. Caps abuse 100%

Skavenger_s7: Hello? T-money? Unlock your caps key, which denotes yelling.

WT-Money: I WAS yelling. My son tore apart his XBOX and accused me of lying to him about it.

Skavenger_s7: Did you?

WT-Money: **** YOU! YOU *******

Skavenger_s7: It's a good thing you were cussing; you would have been kicked again for caps abuse.

Skavenger_s7: Listen sir, I was merely trying to help your son get on line. He really wants to play with the rest of us.

WT-Money: Well he's an idiot for listening to you. He is 12.He doesn't understand how computers work at all. Hooking this up is more than he could do. All you did was break it and make him feel bad.

Skavenger_s7: Sorry about that. Can YOU see a Yellow connector inside the hole he broke?

WT-Money: What?

Skavenger_s7: He was looking for a Yellow connector inside the box, to get on line.

WT-Money: Hang on I need to get my flashlight.
WT-Money: No. I made the hole bigger and I still can’t see it. I can’t get the case opened up either.
Skavenger_s7: Ok, plug in the XBox and see if it comes on. Turn out all the lights in the room and look in the hole. If there is a red light inside the Xbox we can connect.

WT-Money: No. Nothing.

Skavenger_s7: Well, Roger said the emblem was glued. And it appears the case is glued too. I am certain YOU could have got it apart.

WT-Money: Yes, I pulled on it as hard as I could, nothing.

Skavenger_s7: It has been apart before, you need to take it back where you bought it and ask for a new one. Tell them you were trying to hook it up and because it was glued you couldn't

WT-Money: Isn't there someone who fixes these?

Skavenger_s7: No, just replace it. This happens to lots of people. They will take it back.

WT-Money: I can't take it back; I bought it at a yard sale last month.

Skavenger_s7: Oh, I see. Well I am afraid I can't help anymore. And I won't tell Roger about that part. K?
WT-Money: I appreciate that, thanks for trying to help. Bye.

Skavenger_s7: No problem, all in a days work my friend........... All in a days work...

(Please insert here 76 lines of laughter and praise, and nearly an hour of further discussion)

another small notch in the old Halo box. :)

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