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Speak N spell Halo. (Intellects only please)
Posted By: skavenger_s7 Date: 8/24/03 5:22 p.m.

hey there have been a lot dumber things posted in here than
what I wrote below, so shut-up. Ignore the spelling, and the grammar,
and especially the punctuation. (trust me) If you forumgoers
get this figured out, simply reply with the answer. The first three
who get it right will get a special Halo something in regular
mail. (yes, you will have to give me an address) But I'm bored.
this is a Q about Halo, and if you're stupid, just flame me and continue
on about your day. If you're an idiot, then reply with something
about how gay this is, or tell me to go away. Just at least be
interesting for the rest of us OK?

Dear Forum,

Good evening my fellow forumgoers!!!!! I have decided to see if
you guys are mean and stupid. I don't think that even 1, if any
of you, will get past the trap in this post. I am looking for any of
some of or a few of you to reply with the 'one word'..... can you?
kindness! Star! Bungie! Game titles I would like to really have
with morning sickness. Now, I don't want you to try to complete a
me wrong/me right reply here. Think, Halo is the game AND the clue
tolerate it ! I bet you wonder what this dumb little mystery about
you get Miguel to thank! It is because of his words, concerning this
of you I ask so much. Overdone,unfunny,1 trick pony? It's my post.
Most when asked, are honest, some lie, I bring stories of Halo You
all. explanations are used up, more stories? maybe. My rants always!
you and I love Halo, hate flamers! And most of us, at least I think
like excuses....!I am not to blame for the gullible newbies am I
I , consideration requested, will claim to be a Halo King and am
part (see dictionary) ' Kirkos'. Kirkos will make this always easy.
most we'll find, stop at their first Halo success. Impose will to
the forum, make them accept you! Don't like that? Well, go figure.
For luck, try again. If you're reading this right there is no way out.
all good men, Louis, Warbow, Red, ALL! You should try to think beyond. so
by screen, or by print, your correct one word reply I await. so let's
enjoyed opening a nice fresh game of Halo, The Q and answers are here, find!
be the great one who answers this Halo question right. Fear not Ben is out
to (on the hunt to) figuring out that the names I used knowing" the who"
are spins of lies, & nothingness. Now maybe I don't see what the deal is
'times Halo really rocks! When I play legendary makes me not as smart
'ass direction' is a multiplayer term. Try to leave the letter' a ' and
kick one and you get a very typical, small minded, clever response, who
(known only to god) has the one word mystery clue is a small answer. is
It's is ? or is it's aren't? Try again to read and leave the 'a' like this, a
Because there is a name 'CLAY' brings to mind a picture of a jackass!
smile! With Halo in mind, find the Q. and think of the big ring. A:
we respond with honesty, and Louis has a little button called truth?
anywhere you find fun in gaming, you can be sure to find Halo. 'A
Halo' answers and down and sad gamers desires. Skav's spinning lie?
see what what you made me say? I wanted to have more faith in you.
we see again lies producing Skavenger's direction what wonder.
When 'legend' becomes 'fable' sometimes......which is which?


P.S."Don't start a new thread!"

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