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Newbie info! Regulars know already!
Posted By: skavenger_s7 Date: 8/20/03 3:06 a.m.

I am bored with Halo and writing stories. I would really
love to find a forum where there are real topics. I am
being serious here. I want to feel like I am really a big
part of what goes on. Nobody here really thinks much
of me. You guys just use me for stupid stories like
this "She kept my TV stuff". This is not a very good
forum. Most people are idiots in here. I don't know why
I bother even trying to be civil. There is no brotherly
love in here, just selfish people stuck in the world of
Halo. Nobody trusts me anymore, Miguel most of all.
It is impossible to please that man. You all think Louis
is fair and nice? Right! Whatever! Do you regulars have
a clue to me? NO! You just enjoy judging me with your
small minds and small words. So flame on! A little
part of me wants to see who hates me! And another part
of me needs to know who is faithful, even now when
my honesty shows through. I, like most people, have a
life outside of Louis' made up world. I like this forum,
but OMG, it is not my life! I am not sure what the hell
I am trying to say. I guess I am just getting frustrated,
really frustrated! Can we change this forum so I can
enjoy it? I am tired of no colors and it that it is always
being 'about the content'. My voice should be heard in
here, as much as yours or anyone’s. Let's stop the crap.
Thanks for nothing. I hope that all newbies get a chance
to read this truth from an old forumgoer. I think that you
all will agree to some of this. Which part, how much,
and how true, is up to you. So be mature, and just give
thanks to me for having guts here. I don't need anyone
to complain to me. Dumbass statements can go over to


P.S. "Don't start a new thread!"

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