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Do I hate all of you????? lol... maybe...
Posted By: Skavenger_s7 Date: 3/12/03 10:06 p.m.

Dear Bungie, Louis, HBO members, and all Halo fans around the world. Read the
following carefully as I have taken time to write what I feel from my heart.
............... I want to go on the record. I want each of you to know that I have
lied about almost everything in here! Why? Because I can! Just think of this, I
never lied to you all with any one sole purpose in my mind other than to make
you feel stupid, and waste time! Did it work? Good! As if my posts were to make
you all laugh, or think, or get some emotions going. And, I want you to know that
Halo sucks as a game, and this forum bites ass! I know that some of you think
I am basically a good person, with good intentions, and a lot of spare time. But
you’re wrong! I was here to amuse myself at your expense! You're dumbasses!
Let me tell you what Halo has meant to me over this past year. This game freaking
blows! If you want to play a better game try the new DOOM, there's a game that
rocks!! I have no idea what Bungie was thinking when they made this game, but
they should make waffle irons or something else. I wasted 50 bucks, and then
after playing it, all I did was go around and actively beg people to go out and
buy any other game, any other system! If you are not sure how bad Halo is, go
try it once! With videos and forums, it was as much as a small guy could do, to go
and fight to keep people away. But Microsoft was too much. They wanted to spend
and promote this game for Bungie! And the people I have met, played, shared with,
they feel the same way. They hated it after buying it. The support letters I got
have been awesome! Their have been a few people who have figured out what I
have been saying was true. Stupid storyline, no bots, etc. Play this and see what I
mean. Miguel and Red Loser rank at the top of those who I really do want to
see go away! These two need both hands to find their but! KORHAL, I need to
thank. Sometimes you just need to be patient or read close to see what a guy means.
And now Louis! I met him! Big deal! He made fun of me, my home, my family!!!!!!!!!
I never met a guy who strolls through life and professes to be so understanding
and turns out to be such a jerk! His pic says "Idiot" in the dictionary, he says it
then lives up to it! Louis is that guy. 100 percent all the way! I would count him
as one of the true idiots, with no life, I know! Saddam Hussein is more likely
a true friend. I mean this from my heart. All of it. So now to all those people who
had nothing better to do than follow my lead from post to post. To those you thought
I admired. El Sleaz, Red Loser, AR, Sniper, Miguel, Goatrope, Matt, R.G., Brian,
my brain hurts that their are so many of you that are foolish enough to live in here,
and nmemesis, frogman, Oddities, and oddworld, warbow, ros mills, vector40, lion,
The list goes on and on. But I don't want any suckers to feel left out, so.............
star wars man, guy who doesn’t post, shishka, break point, and others. Thanks all
for being the lamest people I have ever met online. Thanks for playing along,
for letting me speak my peace, and for reading my posts, every ounce of effort
I could use against you I have. Just remember that deception takes time & time
I have spent here has been totally worth it. I wouldn't change a thing. Halo
has been a waste of time, like most of what you guys write. Lying to you all
has been fun in every aspect. I can't wait to participate more in the upcoming
things in here to prove you all foolish! The only thing I hate more than halo is going to be
Halo2! Can you even imagine the possibilities????? I can't! How could they be
more lame than Halo1? Well I guess at this point, after #1, anything would be
better... OK, I am going to go now. Glad you all took the time to read me, thanks
for nothing. If you want to see a dumbshit go look in the mirror, not sure? Look

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