They're Random, Baby!

CTF,BG, to 3 flags..............GO!
Posted By: skavenger Date: 12/2/03 7:44 a.m.

I drove to your base, to try and take your flag.
You tossed me grenades, flinging them like a fag.

I ran one guy over, and up the ramp I did go.
I smacked your sniper, then humped like a 'ho'.

With your flag in hand, I beat the next guy to death.
As I ran out the base you were all out of breath!

..........Red Team score!

I warped out my base, Sniped 2 out of yours.
When I grabbed the inviz, you all crapped your drawers!

I picked your sniper, from way back behind blue.
And your crew in the hog? Headshots times 2!

I took your flag and ran with it high in the air.
Dropping it and firing again, it must seem unfair.

..........Red Team score!

On the screen you typed "LAGGGG!!!", as I got in a Ghost!
"What a baby", I thought, we were on YOUR HOST!

Your tank missed his shot, and I ramped up him into the air.
Left my ghost, shot a rocket, he was dead, I was 'fair'.

I grabbed the health, pistoled 2, and dropped into your base.
I turned with the launcher.....'Oh the look on your face!'

I shot you dead, grabbed the flag and to the cave I did go.
You watched the Hog, and the warp, but you just didn't know.

.............Red team score. Game over!


P.S. "Don't start a new thread!"

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