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The Challenge is over.......
Posted By: skavenger_s7 Date: 3/4/03 4:44 p.m.

Here is how it went....or at least how I remember it......... he he he

They gathered from miles around...some from XBC.... some who read in here, but say they never post. But all claim to be the best around.

Now with XBoxes hooked up and the players all getting warm, and others on their way... They all began to size up the old bearded guy from Oregon who was offering 10 to 1 odds.

They encouraged me to warm up a bit. Mostly heard uncertainty about laying down any money until they saw how good I was. So I played a few minutes with a couple of guys and the FFA to 25 kills was me=25. Then 21, 18, and I think 16.

They were feeling pretty good, and as the next few games went on I lost a few and won a few. The time then came for the big boys to play. And the 10 to 1 odds took form. (All the previous ones were straight up bets.)

The first game a kid plopped down what appeared to be his piggy bank savings. He assured me that amidst the pennies, dimes, and folded dollar bills there was 20 dollars. I tossed out 2 crisp hundred dollar bills.... and we began to play. TS on Damnation. Score ended up 25 to 20.... much to his disappointment.

This is close to how it went for hours. Kids cashing in aluminum cans, asking for advances on their allowances...etc. Finally they got a smooth looking kid to whom they placed all their hopes. They all rounded up money and told this kid "DX_crazy" to bet it all. After making certain they had me on a 10 to 1 bet he sat down with 75.00. The room fell silent and my wife started the divorce papers. I laid out the correct balance on the table and let him decide the game. I had played my poorest on HH, and cussed every time someone chose it. So he picked it too. I had mentioned to someone earlier, I hated human weapons so he chose pistols only. As my ploy was to keep the games close, I generally had to let the other guy catch up as I got close to 25 kills. These kids took this to mean that as we played longer...I played worse... He chose kills to 50/TS

So for the big money, I was on my favorite level, with my best weapon, to 50 kills and I even got to be Blue! LOL

As the game started the house was alive with screams of where I was and what I was doing. (Not fair but what the hell) As the score reached 35 to 1... the room was quiet. When I closed him out at 50 to 3 the angry looks made me feel like some "lord of the flies" uprising was about to take place. I collected all my winnings and was standing there counting it all when the first outcry could be heard..."Cheater"..."you were cheating" I pulled the unlit cigar from my mouth and asked how I could cheat... "I let you guys pick the game...the level..... the weapons...everything!!!"

"You hustled us"............ Expelling my first puff into the crowd... "YEP"

This had been a good lesson for these guys on many levels. They shouldn't gamble, and never judge a guy by how he looks. (As some of you have seen me... I don't exactly fit the profile of a Halo player)

Well, the daylight faded and the complaints were all answered. The parents' phone calls were handled and all who actually stayed were rewarded. I took them all to Chuck E. Cheeses for pizza and games. I gave back more tokens than I earned so all was forgiven. (Mainly because I paid for the food and drinks in addition to the refund in the form of tokens)

I think when all was said and done, I represented the good people of HBO and those who didn't know of our little spot in cyberspace... well they do now.

And yes, when they all left for home... each had their money back. he he he (stupid kids)

And I know how small minds could pick this apart. I shouldn't have put them through it...or... I didn't teach them anything but bad when I gave their money back because in real life that won't happen... I really don't care about those replies.... The bottom line was simple. They thought they lost, they felt sick angry and sad. Then they found out that THIS particular time they happened to meet up with a soft hearted guy who happened to not really want their money.

So like it or not...there it is...


I also have some footage of the room as we played, not the games, just the kids screaming at each other and stuff...

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