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A gift for ..... well, me! :) (unhappy wife)
Posted By: Skavenger_s7 <Skavenger_s7@hotmail.com> Date: 7/21/03 10:28 a.m.

Just stepped up and moved away from putting my nose up against a 25" television and got a 42" plasma flat screen. I put in my bedroom. My wife was semi excited, I think mainly for me. But her attitude went from tolerant to way pissed when by the first night we were not watching cable...... not watching a DVD, or a tape........ (because I had not even hooked them up yet).... No my friends, she was pissed because the only thing I had done was hook up my Xbox, and started to play Halo, from the beginning. I just sat playing with my mouth open and drool running down my face. She was saying something in behind me, but my 2 Sony speakers took care of that background noise. I should hook up the other stuff tonight; I guess there is more to this TV than Halo..................... isn't there?

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