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Ragnarok - Hang 'em High, in S7yle

We received this email from Nick Flory (aka Ragnarok):

Here's Hang 'em High in just over 3,000 polygons. I started working on this a couple of months ago in 3dsmax for school, I was going to finish everything up real nice and probably make a short animation out of it too. I always thought a completely cg halo movie would be cool to submit. Unfortunately I've been busy lately and haven't really had much time to work on it, so I figure I might as well show off what I've got for now while I'm thinking about it. Still needs bump maps and weapons/pickups, and I need to work on the lighting all around the stage. Since everyone asks, all the hallways under blue base are there too. (Note that this is adapted from the PC version, the ravine in the middle doesn't have the little lip to jump over to get out, it's just a straight incline, that's the only difference I noticed from the xbox version. Ever notice that?) (Also note that my professor gave me a C for this, I guess he's not a Halo fan?) I also had a dual-monitor rendering available of this, showing about 140 degrees of the level. If you want I could send you other hi-res shots when I get around to it too. Feel free to post my name and email, comments are always welcome.

Hang 'em High, Pre-BumpmapHang 'em High, Bunker closeup

Nick - feel free to send us more - we're happy to add 'em to this page!