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Originally posted on Bungie.net, April 1, 2005

More Multiplayer Map Goodness!

Last week we revealed the details for the upcoming new maps for Halo 2. With a total of nine maps being released over the course of the Summer, we're excited about the new experiences these maps will bring to online players. Two of the 9 maps were announced as ports of existing Halo 1 maps - "Warlock" (formerly Wizard) and "Elongation" (formerly Longest). As excited as we were by this news, we realize that not everyone shared in our joy. In fact, mere moments after the plans were outlined, forums erupted with angry fans screaming for the return of their favorite map from Halo 1.

At Bungie, we've always had a close relationship with our fan community and it sucks to think that our fans didn't get the map they were hoping for. So, in response to that, we are happy to announce a special 10th map, that is exactly what our community has asked for.

We actually ran a poll on Bungie.net last year, after the release of Halo 2 regarding which map you'd most like to see return from Halo 1. Initially we ignored this data, and chose instead to throw darts to determine the 2 maps that would be ported. Since those results are now potentially questionable, we've resurrcted the data from our original poll and we're happy to say that we hear you and are giving you the map you desire. There were obviously other maps considered, but in this case there was one clear cut winner based solely on votes from our fans.

Admittedly, we were somewhat shocked by our findings. We weren't all exactly huge fans of Chiron, or "Putt Putt" as it was known internally, but hey, what do we know. Seeing as this is the map our fans want the most, it's our duty to make it happen. Chiron TL35 is the same map you know and love from Halo 1 only now it's more or less wrapped in bacon and all that jazz. Imagine running between countless teleporters but with an Energy Sword or 2 SMGs...You can see from these screenshots that the essence of the map has been retained (albeit with the addition of a few new logos). Click on each image for a larger view.

Set amidst a Spartan Clone Training Complex, Chiron gives players near limitless combat options with twisting tight hallways and clever placement of teleporters. The beauty of Chiron is that you literally get lost in its awesomeness. "Wait.. where am I?" or "Where'd you go?" are commonly heard on this brutal battlefield. The complexities of Chiron will blow your mind as you begin to feel as if you're moving forward and backwards through time and space. Chiron is intended for up to 8 players and is predominantly designed for Phantoms gametypes.

Naturally releasing a 10th map costs money. In order to get this fan favorite map into the hands of the community, we've called upon our old pals Mt. Dew. In exchange for an unlimited supply of the now extinct Mt. Dew Live Wire, we've created an exciting partnership deal that features in-game product placement and ultimately free distribution to our fans.

A small bonus that fans will notice in the upcoming autoupdate is the inclusion of a new Mt. Dew player emblem. What better way to support our favorite extreme beverage than wearing their logo with pride on your customized MJOLNIR battle armor. The Mountain Dew emblem will be made available to gamers free of charge, courtesy of Mountain Dew.

Keep an eye out for more news about this exciting release. We hope to have this map available for play relatively soon.