Eric Nylund Mini-Interview, February 2, 2004

The Halo Story Page talks to the Halo Novelist

In our tireless efforts to shine the light of Tru7h on the elusive mystery that is the Halo Story, we here at the HSP have spent an inordinant amount of time pissing off... er, respectfully questioning two of those who are in the know about this subject, the daring duo of the Halo story world, Eric Trautmann and Eric Nylund. Mr. Nylund has graciously answered a few of our questions below (with some additional comments by Mr. Trautmann). He would have answered more story-type stuff, but he mentioned something about being hunted down and strangled if he did. Like that's a good reason.

HSP: Why, if Halo is in uncharted space, are the moon and planet known as Basis and Threshold? Eric Trautmann mentioned that the system had been surveyed, but not charted yet. Any hints on the significance of the names?

EN: I'll throw out a clue here: "uncharted" from who's perspective? "Surveyed" by whom?

[EST] I believe I said "perhaps had not been charted yet" or some such. Just for the record.

HSP: Covenant Cruisers scanning with Human frequencies in First Strike: a sign of their technology thievery?

EN: No, actually it is not. It's something else entirely.

HSP: The markings on the Cote d'Azur artifact lead the Covenant to Reach, yet they led Cortana to Halo 04. Are there multiple coordinates or "messages" within one rock?

EN: YES. It's an interesting little chunk of stone.

HSP: Do the discrepancies in Kelly's DNA have to do with Ackerson and his flash clone madness?

EN: Kelly's genetic anomalies are most likely the product of the biological modifications the Spartan IIs had to endure.

HSP: In Halo: The Flood it was mentioned that a pair of Covenant memory blocks were picked up with Yayap by the ODST's. Is anything to come of them?

EN: As far as I know, poor Yapyap and all his belongings were vaporized.

HSP: A reader pointed out what they thought was a numerical inconsistency regarding the number of Spartan trainees in the FoR [pages 46, 48, and 52]. Any thoughts?

EN: Looks like an error to me. Trautmann?

[EST] Yeah, so bite me, Nylund. ;)

HSP: Is there a Section 1 component to ONI?

EN: Do you really want me to answer this? Do you want shadowy figures to infiltrate your building and erase your hard drive and then erase you?

[EST] Yes please. It's been a hell of a day.

HSP: Ensign William Lovell is also referred to as Michael Lovell [FoR p.159,188]. Which should we run with?

EN: Full name is William Michael Lovell.

HSP: Any comments on a "clue" tossed to us by Eric Trautmann: "Who or what would wear a Halo?" We lack a context to imagine an answer within.

EN: Trautmann?

[EST] Hm? Yes? So, you'd like to see how the magician saws the lady in half? Oz behind his curtain? Read the last page of the mystery first? Hm? I will say this: the correct answer to the question will provide the context. Furthermore, one forumgoer stumbled across the correct answer, but failed to realize it. I say no more.

HSP: How long is a local year?

EN: The time it takes a planet to make a complete revolution around it's local star.

Ha ha. Very funny. I suppose that'll teach us to ask ambiguous questions. ;-) We'd like to thank both Erics for putting up with our incessant emails pestering them with questions, and especially for actually answering some of them. Thanks, guys!