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Kontrol Freek FPS Freek Legendary Q&A

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In late October 2010, we posted a note on our forum, asking for questions that folks had about the FPS Legendary controller enhancers - these were passed along to the KontrolFreek crew, and are answered below.

"Have they had any complaints of wrist pain? My right wrist has been inflamed for a few weeks, which I can only correlate with having installed an FPS Freek Legendary extender on my right thumbstick. While my accuracy has gotten quite a bit better, I'm still on the fence about how comfortable this thing is."

We don't get too many complaints about wrist pain so I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. Our products are actually designed to increase comfort over long play sessions. I would recommend that if the pain continues to take a break from playing for a few days and let your wrist rest. You could also try some wrist strengthening exercises like the ones recommended for carpal tunnel and other occupational conditions. Remember when you're playing to keep your wrists straight and try to stay as loose as possible.

"What's the difference between Vipr, Ultra, Classic, and Legendary for the FPS freeks?"

They are all, in theory, the same. Each one does, though, have subtle differences like color (obviously) and rubber compounds. In the case of the FPS Freek Legendary, it actually has a convex thumb pad versus the others' concave surface. Each Legendary also features the newer "three prong" design.

"What is the Warranty and/or return policy on these things? I looked all around their site and cannot find this information (if it is on there, they need to make it easier to find)"

We do not have a warranty per se. We do, however, guarantee against manufacturer defects—like them showing up to your house with a broken clip or something. Our products are manufactured from quality materials here in the United States, but just as your "stock" controller sticks wear over time, so does the rubber pad on our sticks.

"Any plans on making a similiar product for the Wii Classic Controller so that I can have concave stick tops?"

We are always listening to our customers to help us decide on where we are going next with our product line. But, we honestly don't receive many requests for Wii accessories at this time, so I'll have to say "no" to this one.

If you have other questions, be sure to let us know - we'll pass 'em along!