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I Love Bees (reordered)

I Love Bees - Reordered by Webshift

During the summer of 2004, a viral marketing campaign for Halo 2 known as 'I Love Bees' ignited a firestorm of interest both on and off the net, and the story that was told is still available for download from the original I Love Bees website. In the late summer of 2005, however, we received some modified sound files from Webshift - this is what he had to say about his contributions:

About a year ago, a large group of us were enthralled with the ilovebees phenomenon. It was the first time I personally had heard about this type of thing and I absolutely loved the idea. (Hell I submitted my cell phone number and activated some axons while I was on a business trip in DC). So when all was said and done, I wanted to hear the story again; from start to finish in a logical order. What I have done is gone back thru all 12 chapters/weeks that you can find on ilovebees.com, and instead of having them play only one characters story at a time, I have taken the time to edit the files into one large chapter file that follows a logical order. This way you don't find out things too soon if you just listen to them off of the ilovebees.com site. If you haven't listened to these files before I suggest you listen to these.

We'll be releasing these files as bandwidth allows - so feel free to follow along!

Chapter 1 (23:33) - MP3-encoded WAV, 9.4 mb | MP3, 9.3 mb
Uploaded 24 September 2005

This is the first time we are introduced to the characters: Jan, Durga, Jersey, Kamal, and (the old man) Herzog.

Chapter 2 (23:01) - MP3-encoded WAV, 9.2 mb | MP3, 9.1 mb
Uploaded 25 September 2005

Jersey finds out just how much Durga knows about him and his family. Jan gets recruited to be a witness to the stupid cop. Kamal has a date with a man with a pony tail, and Herzog meets with an old friend over Key Lime pie.

Chapter 3 (21:50) - MP3-encoded WAV, 8.7 mb | MP3, 8.7 mb
Uploaded 26 September 2005

Jan gets in with the wrong crowd and meets Thin Kinkle. Kamal learns that he can't cook. Jersey has a date with an IRS agent, and Herzog talks about the Apocalypso.

Chapter 4 (29:13) - MP3-encoded WAV, 11.7 mb | MP3, 11.6 mb
Uploaded 26 September 2005

Jan sticks up for the wrong person, and is going to find out who the Big Dog is. Adin and Kamal talk about business ventures. Durga 'helps' Jersey through is tax audit. We meet Rani for the first time, and find out just how observant she is. Herzog talks about how much the military knows... or chooses to know.

Chapter 5 (23:34) - MP3-encoded WAV, 9.4 mb | MP3, 9.3 mb
Uploaded 27 September 2005

Jan meets Gilley, and finds out more about her dad. Kamal takes a 'job' in a casino. Jersey learns about the fall of Reach and where his father is. Rani goes to her best friend's wedding back home. Herzog slips up while feeding ducks in the park.

Chapter 6 (24:54) - MP3-encoded WAV, 9.9 mb | MP3, 9.9 mb
Uploaded 27 September 2005

Jan reminisces about her childhood and about having to move so much. Kamal gets a letter from his mother on Coral, and finds out about Sophie's parents breaking up. Jersey finds out about his mothers affair with another man. Rani has someone commit suicide by jumping off her roof. Herzog learns that some people are out for glory, not for saving man kind.

Chapter 7 (27:27) - MP3-encoded WAV, 10.9 mb | MP3, 10.9 mb
Uploaded 28 September 2005

Jan is held hostage by Thin Kinkle. Kamal takes another crazy job idea with Adin, and learns something about his sister Yasmine. Jersey starts to realize that Durga is spying on people she didn't even realize. Rani gets hit on, while on the train back to Boston. Herzog reassigns his aid to a deplomatic post.

Chapter 8 (27:45) - MP3-encoded WAV, 11.1 mb | MP3, 11 mb
Uploaded 28 September 2005

Jan attends her fathers funeral. Kamal hears news that Coral is gone and he has not heard from his family. Jersey talks to Jan at the funeral and explains what he knows about Thin Kinkle. Rani goes back home to visit and finds her old house is under the duck pond. Standish makes sure Herzog know he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Chapter 9 (34:22) - MP3-encoded WAV, 13.7 mb | MP3, 13.7 mb
Uploaded 29 September 2005

Jan avenges her fathers death with Durga's help. Kamal goes off the grid to find out who has been 'ghosting' his chatter. Jersey finds out just how long smart AIs live. Rani feels like her life is falling apart around her. Rani tries to sneak in and find out more about the device, and gets caught. Herzog motivates Rani to find out more information.

Chapter 10 (30:10) - MP3-encoded WAV, 11.2 mb | MP3, 11.2 mb
Uploaded 29 September 2005

Jan tries to join the military and gets rejected because of her age. Kamal finds Jersey, and meets Durga as well. Jersey comes up with a plan to get into the Section 3 part of Chawla base to get to the device. Rani takes some convincing about why she should join the group and help out. Herzog talks with a tech on the Apocalypso about the device, and learns how the device was turned on.

Chapter 11 (23:18) - MP3-encoded WAV, 9.3 mb | MP3, 9.2 mb
Uploaded 30 September 2005

The assault on Chawla base.

Chapter 12 (32:13) - MP3-encoded WAV, 12.9 mb | MP3, 12.8 mb
Uploaded 30 September 2005

Jan drives Kamal to the airport and meets up with some other 1.1's like herself. Kamal gets home and learns he's engaged. Durga talks with Jersey about his draft notice. Rani gets recruited for Section 0. They arrive...

Afterword (2:07) - MP3-encoded WAV, 0.9 mb | MP3, 0.9 mb
Uploaded 30 September 2005

A goodbye from Melissa.