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Halo-Related Cover Art

A number of entries came in either after the contest deadline, or outside the contest altogether. Rather than overwhelm the Miscellaneous Art section with another half-dozen of these, we've chosen to put them (and any future covers that are submitted to us) in this section, instead.

After the Contest - Front Cover Only

gs.halo2_cover halo2boxspike3 halo2attackonearth Xcover05_Entry
ss_halo2cover My-halo-2-coverart Halo_2_Cover_clint Halo2cover1  

After the Contest - Front and Back Covers

z77complete NEWGOODBLUR2
Halo4nate lpm.halo2Fullcover
haloxtemplatexFull2 ELITEGOLD3
jayman951.hba forseti_h2boxart
halo2coverlharrison Halo-1.5-Box-Art

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