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Extra Medals in Halo 3

Have you ever wished you had access to high-res versions of the Halo 3 medals? (These are being posted the week before Halloween, 2009; what a perfect template for carving!) Tom 'WaywardSpleen' Pratchios whipped up high-res vector versions of these images a long time ago... but never got around to releasing them. Ask, however, and ye shall receive: b0anerges wondered if these files existed - which made it clear that there were no versions currently on the net. A quick question to Spleen got goodies that you can use. (Small caveat: there are two missing medals in this collection. Infection Spree! (5 humans in a row as a zombie) and Mmmm Brains! (10 humans in a row) were never rendered in high-res. Sorry.) Update: Thanks to SK CRISIS, PNG versions of the two missing medals are now present.

If you have Adobe Illustrator (or any app that can read Illustrator files), you can download a single 1.7 mb .AI file that contains all 54 medals in vector format. If you've got an application that can deal with EPS files, but not Illustrator files, you can grab this document instead - it's larger (3.9 mb), but contains the same information. If you have no way of reading vector files, or if you just need one or two images, you can use the 'download' links next to each thumb below; they lead to 1000x1000 transparent 24-bit PNG files that you can then modify as you need. Mousing over a thumb will show you a slightly larger image, if you're having trouble deciding which one you need.

Thanks to Tom for all the work, to b0anerges for the impetus to create this page, and to anyone who uses the material here to create cool stuff the community can view!