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343 Guilt O' Lantern

Pumpkin Picking

Welcome to the 343 Guilt O' Lantern 2012 voting section! Turnout is pretty good this year - we have 41 entries! The biggest challenge for us, the organizers, was to present the entries in such a way that you didn't feel totally overwhelmed by the task of voting!

The process is (hopefully) pretty simple. You'll be faced with 25 entries at a time. Scroll down the list - if you see one that catches your fancy, check the 'Add to Faves' box. Be sure to click the thumbnails - some pumpkins do NOT show their style except as large images. You can save up to 5 entries at a time this way. (If you select more than 5, you'll need to reduce your total before moving on - but don't worry, it's easy to do - just uncheck the box(es) that you're not interested in any more when prompted.) Page through the whole collection this way; after you fill up your 'Favorites' section, you'll only need to decide which of your existing Favorites isn't as good as your newest one. When you get to the second page, you'll be given the choice to go through again - or call it a day and stick with the 5 you've picked. (You can pick less than 5, too, if you really can't find 5 you like... but c'mon, use 'em all.)

When you're happy with your votes, and you're sure that you've seen them all, go ahead and hit the 'I'm happy with these choices' button under the Favorites section. If you haven't voted yet, this will register your 5 (or fewer) votes.

Thanks for participating!

Thanks - Let's get started!