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'Halo: Development Evolved' GDC 2003 Talk Slide 1

Larger version

Presented at the 2003 Game Developers Conference, March 4-8, 2003

Cleaned-up audio from the presentation can be found here
(14 mb, mp3)

The audio was originally released by Gamasutra as a podcast on July 6, 2006. Levels were normalized by SexyJosh soon after.

The slides themselves came with no notes - except the first one. Those notes are included below.

I want to apologize to anyone that attended this session and suffered through it. Butcher and I gave a really popular (and super detailed) AI talk in 2002, and Marty gives a great Audio talk every year, so the GDC people asked us to do a brief and informal Question and Answer session. Then they staked us out in a huge room in front of a thousand people and told them we had the secrets to Development Evolved! The audience was very respectful and attentive, which was terrible, because it meant that nobody asked any questions. But that didn't really matter, because the MS brass told us we couldn't answer any interesting questions anyway! It was a Q and A without Qs or As! All we had was a crappy PowerPoint I threw together during the first two days of the show from stuff I had on my laptop. It was a disaster! And that was before my esteemed colleagues stomped on the accelerator and steered us over the cliff...

So, now that you have the entire context... Enjoy!
- Jaime