They're Random, Baby!

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To sum up!

Most importantly, we were trying to create the Illusion of Intelligence, not actual intelligence

and that combat behavior is where Design and the Code overlap
  • Our Design Goals were
    to make the AI Intelligible by
    giving them similar capabilities to the Player
    and making their thought processes transparent
    to make them Interactive by
    letting the Player impress them, fool them and thwart them
    and to make them unpredictable by
    using the Player as the focus of the battle
    and giving the Actors a gradient of choices

Our designers focused on the flow of battle while our coders focused on the Actor's action and responses

We used the Difficulty level to

let the AI live long enough to appear smart and
discourage tactics that made the AI appear dumb

We manipulated the battle lines in an encounter

by using strategic spaces to emphasize the AI's strong points
and using Attacking and Defending states to make battles dynamic

and finally from our Playtests we learned that

Subtlety doesn't work
and there are specific attributes of our AI that we could tune to make it appear smarter