They're random, baby

BOLL's AutoMagic 117 Stripz!

BOLL, unwilling to accept that artists less talented than Stuntmutt were being shut out of the One One Se7en Strip-Making fun, created this slick little tool. Pick the image you want to use, type in your caption, and Voila! A beautiful One One Se7en frame is created for you - no muss, no fuss, no 'how do I cut and paste in MSPaint?'. These are useable on our forum - but they will NOT be acceptable as Guest Strips. (Sorry - you WILL have to do a little bit of work for those.)

Click a strip to choose it.

Background color:

#: Caption:

BOLL would like to make it clear that while the coding for this magic is his, the strips themselves were drawn by Stuntmutt and were stolen by BOLL for inclusion here. No permission was given, nor any implied, by Stuntmutt, for this venture - if you do something that gets you in trouble, only BOLL is on the hook. Remember that.

The RGB sliders were coded by Extion, using libraries from blueshoes.org. Without his work, the color picking would be far less cool.