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'Evolution of Halo'

'Evolution of Halo'

Created by Bungie Studios, filmed by Deanero

QuickTime 5 and Windows Media Player Formats, <13:41, 320x240

During the Fanfest at E3 2002, Bungie showed a 13 minute movie called 'The Evolution of Halo'. It contained footage from very, very early builds of Halo, and had voiceovers from several Bungie employees. (The primary commentators were Marty O'Donnell, Shikai Wang, and Paul Russell, though there were cameos by others.) Bungie stated unequivocally that this movie would never, ever be released to the net - in its full form. However, there were people with camcorders at the fest, and Deanero was kind enough to send in the footage he shot. Quality isn't great... but content is. (Video quality was relatively low to begin with, and was made worse by HBO staff in an effort to create a file small enough not to choke the bandwidth hosts.)

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