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Model of the Epsilon Eridani System

Andrew Hoehne used Universe Sandbox and real-world data to model the Epsilon Eridani system:

I used real world data of the system. Star Magnitude, size, luminosity, distance. Combined it with know information about the gas Giant Epsilon Eridani b and the theoretical planet Epsilon Eridani c, then added Reach.

My system is accurate, sizes, distances, orbital periods, rotational speeds.

So, my Reach orbits at just under 1 AU* and has a rotates in 27 hours, as per the game canon. It is also 1.08 times bigger than Earth, as per the game canon.

*1AU = Distance from Sun to Earth, or 93 million miles.

We've included the 6 images he sent us, in their original sizes - some are quite large. (The thumbnails link to 800x600 versions, to ensure that folks who just want to browse don't have to wait for a 12 mb JPEG to download.) Enjoy!

800x450 | 68K
800x450 | 70K
800x450 | 70K
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