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Halo 2 Cutscene Library

In mid-December, 2004, Sniper 058 began sending in video-captured cutscenes from Halo 2. We'd been meaning to build a library of cutscenes for years - the Halo collection will eventually go online, but having a fan do most of the work goes a long way to getting new sections built here at HBO. We're going to add new cutscenes, in the order they appear in the game, every few days (depending on how bandwidth holds out). There will always be 4 flavors of each cutscene; a large (640x360) and small (320x180) version of both QuickTime and WMP9 encodings. Grab the one that best fits your situation. (There will also be a pair of download links for each vid, because bandwidth is never infinite. Please be gentle.)

Starting in early March, 2008, we've added HD versions of these cutscenes, courtesy of HaLo2FrEeEk, of Infectionist Machinima.

Update March 10, 2008:All of the 640x360 cutscenes have ALSO been re-encoded to a much higher quality, thanks to HaLo2FrEeEk. Enjoy!

  Cutscene Name Downloads
QT HD QT Large QT Small WMP9 HD WMP9 Large WMP9 Small
Uncomfortable Silence Uncomfortable Silence
(The opening of Sacred Icon. A power shift in the Covenant, and the beginning of the hunt for a critical object. 3:41 long.)
144mb 39.1mb 13.3mb 167mb 40.7mb 13.8mb

Right-click (option-click on a mac) to download.

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