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Chris Bryan | Master Chief Wearable Suit

June 13, 2005: Tutorial available!

Chris created a small series of pictures, showing how he went about making this suit. Take a look!

MC Suit Visor - early pic MC Suit - Helmet, with comparison MC Suit Helmet, mid-December 2003
800x600 | 103K 640x480 | 41K 629x281 | 66K

Each image links to a larger version.

In the fall of 2003, Chris Bryan began the process of creating a wearable MC suit. He's been sending pictures of his progress along the way. In mid-October, he sent in the first picture of the faceplace he's using. At that time, he also ordered these gloves, for adding armor plating to.

On December 8, he sent us the composite picture (with a shot of the in-game helmet, for comparison); the red arrow shows where he was planning on fixing the first cut. Three days later, we got the next shot.

On December 20, the mouthpiece seemed to be in pretty good shape; we got two pictures, one of the lower jaw, the other of the whole helmet. As more pictures come in, we'll add them to this page!

MC Suit mouthpiece, mid-December 2003 MC Suit mouthpiece and top, mid-December 2003
800x561 | 86K 800x937 | 109K

On December 22, Chris sent along the gloves, and had this to say about them:

"I ended up making a type of "vest" with a Velcro flap for the armor plate to stay over the HATCH glove. The gloves are so nice, I just couldn't cut, drill or glue onto them.
It ended up looking even better this way IMO."
MC Glove, pre-Christmas 2003
597x370 | 34K

On January 1, the helmet was finished. The paint job was quite a piece of work:

"Took me 3 different greens and antique gold to get the color as close as possible.
The silver is Aluminum spray paint I used as a base coat before I started with the greens, makes the color stand out better.
Fits like a glove. Now, onto the chest pieces ^_^"
Helmet, front - Green Helmet, Inside (Green) Helmet, Side Helmet, front - Silver
904x748 | 127K 852x970 | 161K 942x800 | 126K 812x704 | 126K

On January 12, Chris submitted pics of the body:

Body - Front view Body - Back view Body - Side view
480x408 | 98K 480x470 | 96K 480x532 | 101K

On January 30, we got a single picture, showing progress to date; unfortunately, preparations were underway for the largest lanfest ever held here, and this got lost in the shuffle.

Suit in Progress (and gun)
506x448 | 38K

On February 10, we got front and back shots of the body and helmet; coupled with the gun, the package is beginning to fall together!

MC Suit Back MC Suit Front
546x168 | 47K 580x762 | 55K

On March 27, Chris had finished the body vest.

MC Vest Back MC Vest Front MC Vest Back - off MC Vest Front - off
333x356 | 17K 294x350 | 16K 800x600 | 104K 800x600 | 96K

In April, May, and June, Chris modeled the arms, painted the body, and generally advanced.

Arm in Cardboard Progress Mjolnir suit - getting there
800x292 | 22K 584x802 | 51K 702x1024 | 99K

July brought new leg pieces and inserts (though the snaps and buckles are still missing).

Legs Inserts
640x480 | 53K 640x480 | 52K

We didn't hear anything until October 2, when Chris sent along shots of his gloves, now painted... as well as a pair of new toys, in progress.

Painted Gloves SMGs
800x830 | 103K 800x679 | 98K

On October 19, Chris sent along another series of pictures; nearly finished gear (short just paint). He's shooting for November 9!

Suit Front - shy of paint Suit Back - shy of paint Guns All the pieces
800x599 | 58K 800x966 | 64K 800x374 | 29K 800x746 | 73K

On November 3, we got the shoes and legs - unpainted.

Leggings Shoe coverings
800x600 | 71K 800x624 | 83K

On November 8, the day before Halo 2 was released, chris sent along painted pieces - torso, feet, and limbs. Getting there!

Breastplate Limbs Feet and legs
409x510 | 52K 494x396 | 52K 592x316 | 49K

Finally, on November 12, Chris was completely finished. A full Master Chief suit... totally homemade, and totally professional-looking!

Final - Front Final - Left Final - Right Final - Closeup Front Final - Closeup Back
800x1067 | 158K 800x1067 | 145K 800x1067 | 133K 800x1067 | 116K 800x1067 | 102K

May 5, 2005: Hehe - we thought he was done. Nope! Last night, we got a picture of his Halo 2-style SMGs. SWEET!

M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun
1024x573 | 60K

Chris has been building Halo-related materials for quite some time. If you like this work, check out some of Chris' renders in our Miscellaneous Art section, or his realistic model of the Halo 2 Battle Rifle.