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The Fan Art of Tina M. Leyk

Tina Leyk has been putting fantasy and science fiction artwork on the web since at least 1998. You can find a collection of her artwork (anthropomorphic/furry art, fantasy art, science fiction work) at her Angels of Iron site. Since 2002, she's been producing Halo-related artwork, and in early 2004, her material was pointed out to us by her brother, TIm. I'm astounded that work of this quality hasn't been brought to our attention sooner - usually, the Halo community is pretty good at finding stuff like this. In any case, however, we know of her now, and we're honored that she's let us mirror her Halo-related material here at HBO. As she continues to draw, we'll continue to add to this collection. Enjoy!

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Halo Fan Art

Older Fan Art

dreal_2006_complete2 Mobassa_Sandstorm mcdev Callyfins_Elite
1000x640 | 118K
Added 21 May 2007
600x814 | 80K
Added 21 May 2007
705x587 | 92K
Added 15 August 2005
825x462 | 81K
Added 11 August 2005 (note)
elite_uprising dreal_prismas_complete arbiter1 forerunner_tower
975x766 | 187K
Added 3 May 2005
500x850 | 134K
Added 16 March 2005
589x774 | 117K
Added 15 January 2005
684x855 | 117K
Added 12 December 2004
MC_acrylic_notdigital close_call H2_elitevsbrute cannon_fodder
600x813 | 140K
Added 8 November 2004
893x563 | 141K
Added 30 October 2004
825x648 | 135K
Added 2 October 2004
839x547 | 119K
Added 18 September 2004
babyMC_vs_babyelite cry_baby jackal_for_dev black_elite_prismas
525x662 | 108K
Added 6 September 2004
575x823 | 115K
Added 21 July 2004
1050x632 | 168K
Added 13 July 2004
796x825 | 148K
Added 9 July 2004
blue_elite_bust1 grunt1    
825x621 | 146K
Added 1 June 2004
488x631 | 85K
Added 1 June 2004

Note: this was colored from an inked work done by callyfin - her original version can be seen here.

Older Fan Art

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