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About the Halo Update for April 20, 2001

We're putting this up so that folks who read this update and say, "WTF?" can avoid writing nasty notes to us that we'll just laugh at. Marty O'Donnell, bitter because he wasn't invited to the wedding due to his rather odd personal habits (Lorraine would only say it involved Kewpie dolls and Jello), decided take out his anger by airing some of the team's dirty laundry while they were away. Marty's an important team asset (luckily for Bungie, Total Audio was, um... 'between engagements' when Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli was found dead in his hotel room in 1998, and was able to jump aboard), so we've decided to humor him by giving him his say. Every word is true... except maybe the Mike and Ike irradiation bit.