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Subject: Halo update (substitute)
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:56:53 -0700
Thread-Topic: Halo update (substitute)
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From: "Marty O'Donnell" <martyod@microsoft.com>
To: "Louis Wu" <halo@bungie.org>
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Marty's Halo Update
(since Matt is out of town)

- Weddings, weddings, weddings. Seems like everyone's getting married.
The shower my wife threw for Lorraine went well, and we wish them
all the best. (But come on, Rob, I cut my mullet, maybe it's time
for the goatee to go-bye).

- The Mighty Chris Butcher was asked to stop playing CounterStrike and
actually start working on Halo. His reply "maybe next week".

- Chucky has figured out three entirely new shapes that he can make
with the Rubik's Snake. Unfortunately they all look like straight

- Matt Soell is working hard on "casting" for "Pimps at Sea". That's
the last time I let him use my casting couch.

- Jason has done some absolutely brilliant work on bandana physics. Of
course it's not actually in the game, but looks great on his head.

- Mat Noguchi finally figured out how to select only the red ones from
my Mike & Ikes jar. Hardy believes that my Mike & Ikes jar is the
source of all viral infections at Bungie. To prevent the spread of
disease I have started irradiating my Mike & Ikes.

- The sound and music department (please welcome Jay Weinland) is so
far ahead of schedule that we have already finished work on our
fourth Xbox title.

- Because of Joe's absence, the soccer team was severely defeated last
night 12 to 2.

- Matt Segur wondered why all the sound was so soft and realized he
had his headphones plugged in the wrong jack (oh wait that was
Jason, sorry Matt).

- The AI controlling the Pillar of Autumn was working so well that it
actually picked up Bill Gates (for what he thought was just a tour
of Redmond) and made a jump to the other side of the galaxy. Now we
have to build a new one that isn't as smart.