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Halo 5 Mythic (LASO) Walkthrough by MythicTyrant

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Halo 5 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 3: Glassed

The Tru7h About Glassed

Rating: Easy

Type: Promethean-Only

After a mission as brutal as Blue Team, you deserve a break. Glassed is widely considered the easiest mission in the game. You'll be able to speed through most of it in a Warthog before plowing through the rest of it with a Scorpion! The only real major downside here is the overall blandness of everything. This is the first of several missions where the only enemy is mechanical, and the scenery is just flat out ugly. I seriously cannot think of a single positive thing to say about the formerly glassed world of Meridian. Thankfully most of these missions aren't severely difficult and are also relatively short compared to many others in the game.

Strangers In A Distant Land

Fire Team Osiris is now officially on the hunt for Blue Team following the Master Chief's decision to reunite with his no longer dead digital girlfriend. Yes. That is now official canon in the Halo universe... The opening sequence involving the space elevator decent is pretty impressive at least!

The game introduces you to Governor Sloan via communication channel. Already we can tell that our presence on Meridian is not a welcomed one. The colony soldiers at the bottom of the elevator, on the other hand, seem to feel differently. They are fully ready to open those blast doors and let you do their work for them. So let's get to it!

Crawlers are waiting just outside the door. Thankfully the colony soldiers can help create a diversion while you're on the move. Head to the left as soon as you can get passed the door. You should notice a tarp covering up some equipment. Jump on the tarp to avoid the Promethean Soldier and run up the stairs. This is a multi-story structure in which you'll want to reach the top level as quickly as possible. There will be two Sniper Rifles waiting for you. Grab one as well as the ammo from the other. Now aim for the gate. More specifically you want to focus on the glowing machine behind the gate towards the back right. Shoot it once with the Sniper Rifle which will signal the gate to open.

It will take a few seconds before the gate is lowered, so take cover. I tend to hide behind the equipment just outside the gate. There are TONS of Promethean Soldiers and Crawlers here, but most of them will be too busy engaging the colonizers to worry about you.

Run towards the fiery machine you just shot once the gate is down. This should keep you out of focus from any meandering Prometheans as they won't follow you through the gate. Unfortunately there's still another gate you need to wait for before you proceed. Take note of the Warthog parked in front of it, and when the gate is almost down, paint it for your allies. You don't want them getting it too soon or they'll drive off with it. You also don't want to wait around for them too long either since the Prometheans from the previous area will start attacking it as soon as you're in the driver's seat. The moment the gate's down and your allies are on board, floor it down the hill towards the next area. Prometheans will be constantly warping in as you drive. The colonists will thankfully be causing a fair amount of distraction allowing you much easier passage. When you get to the base of the area, there's a door blocking access to the bridge ahead. You'll need to wait for Governor Sloan to unlock it though, and before he's will do so, you'll need to take out a fair amount of Prometheans. Actually to be more precise... the colonists, your squad, AND you need to work together on this one.

Park the Warthog as close the door as possible and use it for cover. It's rare for the Prometheans to get too close, and you should be (mostly) out of range from the Soldiers' Splinter Grenades. Avoid using the Sniper Rifle however. You'll need it for the bridge. Instead just use your Battle Rifle while highlighting targets individually for your squad. After the Governor pays you and your team a surprising compliment, the door will open.

Don't jump back in your Warthog right away. Up ahead you'll notice a Warthog that is currently unoccupied. This is why we saved the Sniper ammo. Take aim and blow it to bits! You should have more than enough ammo to do so. Reason for this is because if you don't Prometheans will warp to it and take it over Halo 2 Flood style. This will make the rest of the mission significantly more tedious and difficult.

Now you can get back in the Warthog and drive ahead. The Prometheans will still appear. They just won't have anywhere to go. Keep driving. Once you're across the bridge, you'll want to head left towards the building on the other side. Hop out of the Warthog and make your way up the stairs. You'll notice a ventilation shaft soft barrier. Ground Pound through it and you'll find yourself a Meridian style Scorpion Tank!

The door in front of you will open on its own. When it does, stay put for a moment and let the Prometheans come to you. Blast them to smithereens. Start edging out slow once you're confident you've thinned the herd and take out any other Prometheans that you see. There will be at least one Knight lingering in the area, but he only has a Scattershot.

Turn left and start heading up the incline. Focus Turrets will begin warping in along with other Prometheans. You'll be dealing with mostly Crawlers and a few low level Knights. Just take it slow and blast away each wave as I appears, but make the Focus Turrets your top priority since they tend to do the most damage to the tank. After you've climbed the ramp, you'll need to do a 180 to start moving towards the end of the area. Again you'll encounter additional waves of Prometheans. This time you'll be dealing with Crawlers and Soldiers.

Turn right at the end of the path and start heading up another incline. This one will lead to a large, open area where on the other side will be the now closed gate to Meridian Station. Go ahead and pitch your tent, because you'll be here a while.

The area itself is fairly large with quite a few large pieces of machinery parked all over the place. There are multiple stationary turrets towards the back of the area. My recommendation here is to have your allies man them. In doing this, they can either hold their own and help out significantly while you remain in the Scorpion, or they'll get their asses handed to them, destroying the turret in the process. Both outcomes are fine. With the turrets gone, that means the Soldiers won't be able to use them either.

The battle that follows will involved multiple waves of Prometheans spawning in at various locations. You'll want to keep the tank near the back of the area opposite from the gate itself. If things start getting too intense and the Prometheans start closing in, start back up as far as you can to avoid them. If you go back too far, 343 installed a convenient little death barrier to keep you from getting away. THANKS...

The initial waves will only consist of Crawlers and Soldiers. Make the Soldiers your top priority since those Splinter Grenades can do massive long term damage to the Scorpion. More so than any other weapon here aside from the Gauss Turret. Take your time and deal with them as they come. If one starts to make a break for your tank, it now becomes a priority target. Occasionally some of the Prometheans will hide. If you're not getting more spawns, that means one is camping out somewhere. Send your allies over to flush it out, then nuke it with the tank.

The final wave will consist of Knights. Again, these are all low ranking, so as long as your tank isn't on fire, they should be pretty easy to mow down. Once that's complete, the Governor will lower the gate and invite you into Meridian Station! Let's just hope he's not wearing an eye patch...

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