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Comments for 'A Spartan Named James- Part 4'

5:28 pm | November 4, 2003
I have read this series from the beginning and I must say this is pretty damn good writing. Really like the concept you've given this. Keep on writing.
12:02 pm | November 4, 2003
Not the whole thing, just a link to it and a few reasons to read it.
4:30 am | November 4, 2003
Whatever, I don't have time for details. I'm a busy man. I've got to type fast right now because I have a nap scheduled in thirty seconds.
4:50 am | November 3, 2003
And no, I don't mind if you put my story on your website.
4:45 am | November 3, 2003
Thanks everybody, I appreciate the high reviews I keep receiving from you people. I am very grateful that Dispraiser and FOrunnER have given me such high scores since they are two of my top five favorite fanfic authors.

Thanks again.
12:00 pm | November 2, 2003
Do I even have to say anything? Dispraiser has said everything good and bad about this story

7:12 pm | November 1, 2003
You're the second to get a flackfic rating of zero. This was nothing short of amazing. Most fanfics on HBO try to steer away from borderline philisophical moments, but I noticed that very early on your fanfic steered into philosophy. Even if an HBO fanfic does include a philosophy, it is also generally human. Humans all tend to think alike, when raised in America or a Western nation, so they are all the same thing, they fight to live, for their loves ones, and for their faith. However, I found the Spartan psychology not only interesting, but very accurate. I had delved into the Spartan 3 hive minds in one of my fanfics, but nothing as extensive, and yet as simple as this. The reason he fought was supposedly for Reach, however, in the end he put reach out of his mind very easily. This coudl be an error, or it could be an intentional thing to illustarte that he is following orders more than beliefs, perhaps a dynamic character? Who knows.

Flackfic of zero. Granted this one wasn't as 'artistic' as the last one, it was at least as good. I woudl prefer to see more of part 2 style stuff in there, but this was fine too.

I'll end up posting a link to this one on the site for getting a zero, granted you don't mind (why would you?)

Zero is good.
5:37 pm | November 1, 2003
Prophets can telport ahhhhhh!
Grey Wolf
4:21 pm | November 1, 2003
awesome, just f****** awesome...