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Comments for 'A Spartan Named James'

Jackal Jak
9:56 pm | October 14, 2003
Very good, I was waiting for a good fanfic about James. I always thought, maybe just maybe James made it out alive. Great use of figurative language.
9:00 pm | October 14, 2003
If you want it, I will write it, just as soon as I finish this series.
3:32 pm | October 14, 2003
Pretty good. I wonder though, can you write one on the last moments of Sam-034's life. I think that would be another great story for you to write...despite it only being about six minutes long(five of which when John and Kelly aren't with him for those who don't know)
10:10 am | October 14, 2003
This is better Fan Fic than my own, to be honsest. So the only review I can give: (Clears throught) 1938238753753275734.9/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hunter_Killer
Mozart's 9th Simphony plays downstares. Woman and Groucho huddle to door to listen.
Woman: "What's that?" Groucho: "Sounds like mice." W: "Mice don't play music!" G: "Oh yah? What 'bout the ol meistro?"
- Markz Bro. Short Movie Duck Soup, 1930s
Taran Cool J.
1:50 am | October 14, 2003
This is the best story ever!!I love Zephyrwraith!Please right me more!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:38 am | October 13, 2003
Just in case you can't figure it out this takes place during the Fall of Reach when The Chief, James and Linda are all trying to get into the docking bay.