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Comments for 'Coporal Barnes and Corporal Smith; A Marine's Tale part 1'

CoLd BlooDed
11:13 am | July 11, 2004
No, Hawk is right.

Zak, what's your problem? Writing is for some people but not others, if you were a true author, you'd know that, wouldn't you? It doesn't matter that he hasn't written a story, it matters that he knows what to LOOK for in a story. So he can say whatever the hell he wants.
The NEW Zak
11:56 am | June 10, 2004
I hope you know no one gives a crap what you say
The NEW Zak
1:05 am | June 10, 2004
And we haven't seen you write a story
3:29 am | June 7, 2004
Okay, I can now officially dub anyone with 'Zak' in their handle a retard. Thank you and goodnight.
The NEW Zak
8:17 pm | June 6, 2004
I wasn't impersonating you by the way, I just didn't know you were on Fan Fic
the real zak
4:08 pm | June 6, 2004
cool, thanks
The NEW Zak
3:29 pm | June 6, 2004
ok i changed my name, and by the way, thanks
the real zak
11:20 am | June 6, 2004
y'know, if i could find everyone that is impersonating me...i swear, if i could boot them from the site....i would do it...
the real zak
11:20 am | June 6, 2004
ok, aside from u fakeing to be me, it was an alright story, but, no horizontal blocks, and in one paragraph, too many "clip"s:

and checked the clip. The clip was still full. "Do you have any more clips?" Asked Barnes. Kyle Smith slowly reached down to his military belt and unclipped 2 more M6D clips and handed them to Barnes. Barnes then clipped them to his belt, took the flashlight out of his MA5B and clipped it to his helmet

that makes about seven "clips" try using "it" or
"opened" or something, and stop impersonating me.
The REAL zak
11:11 am | June 6, 2004
Make a different name or sumthin, 'cause i'm zak, and i already wrote a story!
Zak (The REAL zak)
11:09 am | June 6, 2004
Hey! Zak is MY name....NOT Yours!! This isnt my storie! I'm Zak, My story is "The crash: through the eyes of a grunt" not this!!!
4:50 pm | June 5, 2004
ok story, but a question, if the battle rifle comes with a 2x scope, why didn't the chief or the other spartans zoom in and end the miseries of the Brutes with like 3 shots to the head...?
9:38 pm | June 4, 2004

The time of day is IRRELEVANT. If you can't take the time to use the code properly, don't make poor excuses.
a guy
8:47 pm | June 4, 2004
it wasent great. it was alright you know and i dont know if that was supossed to be like a sad kinda story about friendship and all but if it was, then you should work on making it sadder. also give some charactor to barnes and kyle especially if it is a multipart seiris. good overall!
5:15 pm | June 4, 2004
Sorry about not using the code, it was like 3 in the morning when i wrote it.
5:15 pm | June 4, 2004
So,what did ya'll think, I know it probably bombed, but its my first one,the second is MUCH better!
8:20 am | June 4, 2004