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Comments for 'Creation: part 2'

11:56 am | July 8, 2003
This was an awesome story. I liked the ending with the historical parts: 9/10
5:45 pm | July 7, 2003
Birds? The downfall of the Forerunner? (Maybe they cursed us for the birds by making everything on this planet taste like chicken.)
Da Mann
3:50 pm | July 7, 2003
So the forerunner built all of the wonders of this Earth. I liked how this story makes the HALO world reach out and touch ours. In this story, are you implying that the Egyptians are the closest descendants of the Forerunner? (same language and architechture)
Lone Wolf 4001
2:29 am | July 7, 2003
I don't think it was supposed to be written in story form, kind of more of a documentary, imagine your watching a show on the discovery channel while you read it, unique man awsome spin from the usual, and a lot of neat tie in's 8.5/10
1:24 am | July 7, 2003
That wasn't very nice...well written.