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Comments for 'Defection: Part 2'

Alpha Lance
12:07 am | September 6, 2003
I like it, and here is a funny name for 343 Guilty Sparks. 343 Spark his ass.

Alpha Lance
Creator of Halo Trilogy
James Kinsella
10:59 am | September 5, 2003
"Subplasmicly Powered Advance Robotic Koilides". You could write for Star Trek! Interesting story.
10:46 pm | September 4, 2003
one more thing those blue plasma things the dropships have are used to story ghosts. I have actually seen this in the game on AOTCR level.Oh just a suggestion but try coming up with some funny names for the sparks like 789 Sparkplug Spark.
10:44 pm | September 4, 2003
This sounds like a repeat from the halo storyline.
It's also kinda corney.
The Writer
8:29 pm | September 4, 2003
This isn't very good, but at leat it's an update