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Comments for 'Halo: Standing Firm Part III'

12:40 pm | December 16, 2002
Thank you, and Thank you.

By the way, stay here, this is the best website :)
6:02 am | December 16, 2002
Nice job on the story. Very good action, keep up the writing.
4:47 am | December 16, 2002
I didn't say anything about 415, dude. I was too busy being merry. Actually I was pestering the 'Admiral'... But no one really cares. ;- )
11:08 pm | December 15, 2002
I tried to join Haloonline.net too, but it kept saying whenever i tried to register, that I didn't have permission because i wasn't logged in. BUT HOW CAN I LOG IN IF I'M NOT REGISTERED?

What did u say about spartan415, Knightmare?
6:15 pm | December 15, 2002
You MIGHT have asked us, but then again you're prob'ly to busy to notice us... (Take that! Ha, ha!) The ultimate rebuke....
the sword of the admiral
3:18 am | December 15, 2002
That was another EXCELLENT chapter. BTW I am leaving HBO and going over to the Haloonline.net forum, but I'll stay In touch.

BTW duz anyone know what happened to Spartan415?
10:34 pm | December 14, 2002
very nice story, i love it.