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Comments for 'Halo: Standing Firm Part I'

4:32 am | November 27, 2002
Thanks so much... Really it means alot... I'm quite an admirer of your Shadows of Archon series as well... Though like I said in my latest commen that a few parts have me stumped I love the angle you take with it. One of these days I'm reading it start to finish no stops in between :)

I submitted my second part to Louis, so now you guys only have to wait till he posts it up. I hope it gets just as much of a reaction as this one did.

Thanks again everyone :)
9:22 pm | November 26, 2002
Yes you did say prepare for...

Did I say the story was excellent? It was.
1:50 am | November 26, 2002
No, but like in Jericho III yes...

I made it because they can't take down the.... er.... And I did say prepare :)
11:39 pm | November 25, 2002
Great job on the story.

I have a question, did the Covenant in FoR invade every human colony planet or just the ones where they were looking for stuff. Well nevermind, they could invade just to try to find information on the location of Earth... Just thinking out loud.

Looking forward to the next one.
8:15 pm | November 25, 2002
Yikes... I'm overwhelmed and I appreciate it very much...

I do have somewhat of a spoiler (the second part should be up within a day or two as well)... Keep in mind the Metal plate and Orbital MAC guns... They may play..... a SMALL part in any battle ;)
Colonel Miltie
7:18 pm | November 25, 2002
Keep it comin' , man!!! This is good!!!
4:36 pm | November 25, 2002
Hello, everyone. I'm on vacation for thanksgiving right now, and all my posts will be NON-SPAMMING. Now, I must comment that this story was excellent. You should be glad that you are admired by other fan fic writers. It's not often that someone makes it to the big leagues on their first piece of fan fiction. I can't wait for this series to turn out.
4:00 pm | November 25, 2002
I enjoyed it...keep it coming. :)
2:32 am | November 25, 2002
Kick ass man, keep it comin
1:45 am | November 25, 2002
OOOOOOOOOO DUDE, you need to keep up this series. I want to find out what happens to the planet and the small fleet. It better be a good battle too :) Keep up your fine effort!
10:27 pm | November 24, 2002
Keep it comin'
9:00 pm | November 24, 2002
Whoa. Excellent work. I look forward to reading this series to its end. Keep it up.
8:37 pm | November 24, 2002
Very nice work Corporal. I can't wait for the next part!!!
8:32 pm | November 24, 2002
Thank you, and thank you.

Keyes was defintely not a traitor though :(

He was my hero :(
Neco Divad
8:10 pm | November 24, 2002
Very good. I didn't notice any discrepincies. Keys the trader? He did lead the Covies to Reach, maybe he was behind the whole thing? Anyway, a very good story, keep up the good work. I'm looking foreword to the sequal.
8:08 pm | November 24, 2002
VERY nice. I'm liking this!