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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK Part 15: One More Time'

8:15 pm | November 15, 2003
Oh, and to all the Spammers, Louis Wu will track you down and ban you from this site if you keep it up. Have a nice day.
8:12 pm | November 15, 2003
Im really late. This is an AWSOME story!!! The whole Flood revultion is what (in my mind at least) makes your story so original. Keep it up, and dont forget that suggestion I made to you about why the FLood are fighting ;)
8:12 pm | November 15, 2003
3:35 pm | November 14, 2003
How is that spamming? There not writing the same thing over and over again, and they both only have writen 2 posts. Wait, let me refrase. They arn't spamming YET. But it will be if they keep it going.
12:45 pm | November 14, 2003
Spammers remorse is like buyers remorse. Except you don't lose money that way.
12:02 pm | November 14, 2003
As for the spammers, shame on you.
11:55 pm | November 13, 2003
Sorry I'm late. Nice story with lots of action and just about the right length, too. Perhaps just a little more decription about their surroundings. A great series and I am sad to hear that the series will be ending soon. Good Work.
Sergeant B
9:56 pm | November 13, 2003
NIce idea... Spammers LOL. They'll have remorse. You just wait...
9:51 pm | November 13, 2003
don't listen to them, its a good story. thats a great idea, flood revolution, never would have thought of that. great idea. i wanna see more
9:47 pm | November 13, 2003
Keep going, this is getting good.
3:20 pm | November 13, 2003
wow. first one to my story. h00-rah! anyway, like i said, ending is wierd. and it'll get wierder.