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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK Part 12: The Uncovering of Illyadar'

6:26 am | October 27, 2003
A little unorthodox, with the "loyal" flood, Luke, and the rebelling elites, but still a very compelling story. They all add a nice twist to the usual. A little short, though. I rate it.... 8.9/10

The short length of the story got points deducted, but, as FOrunnER stated, it's your story.

Keep writing.
7:54 pm | October 26, 2003
i'm not sayin' i don't like the raiders, i like them alot.
7:50 pm | October 26, 2003
dude, raiders company and th raiders football team rock! granted, there having an off season, but there still the best!!
4:54 pm | October 26, 2003
no, the marine is not any sort of marine from halo. he is completely new. but just because they died on halo doesn't mean they can't show up in a story. for cryin' out loud, Sergeant Johnson somehow has made it into halo 2!

oh, and Sergeant B, i'm glad that Luke's actions at least got a reation in you. it was supposed to be like that. by the way, Luke, Sarah, and John-221 are not going to be the last SPARTAN's to die in George's team. and thanks for the "That was just fantastic. Stupendous! I love it. I like your plot man." remark. i appreciate it.

P.S.-woo-hoo! go raider's company! (i would have said go raider's, but then it sound like i'm rooting for the football team)
Sergeant B
12:49 pm | October 26, 2003
FOrunnER, everyone loves JOhnson. They just put him in for some insane idea. Like Tails from the hook for example, Sergeant Johnson and Sergeant Mendoza. Mendoza wasn't a Sergeant when he was "eaten" by the flood. Besides, he died on Halo. Or was he demoted?
4:51 pm | October 25, 2003
Another great addition to the series, I have only one thing i found unlikely. Elites rebelling against the Prophets? I find that unlikely as the Elites follow the prophets with undying fanatical devotion, i'm sure Ilramee would do it for power, I just find it unlikely he would find help. But whatever, its your story.
Second, that marine is Sargeant Johnson ain't he? ;) Good work, but to SHORT!!!
Sergeant B
12:20 pm | October 25, 2003
xitWOUND117. That was just fantastic. Stupendous! I love it. I like your plot man. HOw that fuckin retart jackass asshole son of a bitch shit boy hellish fuckin shit boy Luke killed two Spartans! Damn him.

xitWOUND117, that was good. Can't think of complaints.

P.S.- Raider's Company got 20 members!