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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK Part 11: The Four Horsemen'

1:06 am | October 23, 2003
ok...thank you...anonymous. its really kinda creepy how people all of a sudden show up when they haven't posted on any of the other stories and go "yeah, that's good" or something.

anyway, thanks for reading, but is your name anonymous, or do you choose to be like that?
10:08 pm | October 22, 2003
Your Stories are actually quite good, with many twists and turns. One of the better series of stories here. Keep writing
9:21 pm | October 22, 2003
Shut up!
6:50 pm | October 22, 2003
yeah, i don't know why i was banned. i'm gonna email him today, though. but good point, bout the marine memento
Sergeant B
6:38 pm | October 22, 2003
What the hell xitWOUND117? Wu banned you from the HBO forum? Geez. Well, at least you have the "Marine Memento" with you at Raider's Company. And really good story.