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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK Part 10: Hunters'

2:18 pm | October 17, 2003
that's ok. i appreciate your reading my series faithfully.
Sergeant B
7:12 pm | October 16, 2003
Hah hah hah hah!! You're Thomas Assger?
*starts laughing*
Sorry dude. I didn't know you, xitWOUND117 was Thomas Creager. Sorry. But don't spam Belching Vagina Asshole!
Javier fernandez-vina
6:30 pm | October 16, 2003
Umm, you're a very bad man.Im telling.
12:59 am | October 16, 2003
umm Sergeant. Quinn was talking about me. i'm thomas creager. he's a friend of mine, and we both love halo, and he decided to spam.
Sergeant B
12:52 am | October 16, 2003
Don't know what to say about the spammers. I know:
You damn Thomas Assger with Bitchy hair and quinn, you big fat bastard, you better shut the hell up you hate halo faggets. Go to hell you dumbasses!!
quinn, you suck
5:15 pm | October 15, 2003
jesus. i hate you. really really bad. FUCK U TOO! ASSWIPE!