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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK-Part 2:Departure'

Alpha Lance
4:03 pm | September 14, 2003
Agree with everyone here.
1:10 am | September 5, 2003
Hmm, Dispraiser, you really should read the first chapter, it helps a little with the plot. BUT, this isn't the most original plot idea in the world nonetheless.

So, I have to comment after Dispraiser. Well, a little elaboration on areas like some of the dialouge between characters wouldn't hurt. That would also make it easier to see their personalities. Also, a small point, but if the Chief (and i assume it was the Chief) is daily getting assaulted, he would soon run out of bullets. But I guess I answer my own question in saying he could pick up Covenant guns.

So sorry for wasting space with only half helpful comments. It's just that this story really is very good, and I always feel like I need to comment.

As for the rating, I liked it and am giving you a 9.3/10. I also believe 10/10 are way overused (the highest I've gone is 9.8, and that only for Wado's latest work). Keep it up, and Dispraiser, I didn't get a rating, what, you hatin on me. LOL.
10:17 pm | September 4, 2003
Wow. I started to write this comment and realized that most of mine were at least two frames long (in the little typing window). And all I could come up with was that this fanfic was good, except for the plot. I didn't read the first part, but from the second it doesn't seem like the plot is too original.

Formatting is great, and you must have been one of the chosen few that actually READ Wu's rules (thank god there are still some).

Congradulations on making a fanfic that is above average for this site, by far. Most people consider it ten of ten material to squeeze out the sentence "spot is a dog", but this fanfic goes above and beyond the call of duty for a fanfic and throws in a little aureate loving for the fanfic area... I was going to mention also that the technology was very convincing and original, and the nickname given to the AI was great, you even had a convincing reason. Make sure to give the AI a personality though, if he is more advanced than the others, he will have one.

From now on I am making a new change (if anyone reads this who's fanfic didn't suck, sorry I didn't give you a number). I will give any fanfic that scored an 8 or above on my little internal scale I'll post something about it. If I don't your story probably got a five or six. sevens don't exist. This one gets an 8.9 of 10. Not worthy of nine because of a little lackofsupersoldierphobia, but perfect in most other respects.