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Comments for 'Attack on ERISTOCK-Part 1: Introduction'

Agent Shade
2:20 am | September 4, 2003
sorry to spam xit, but this is too Dwain...i'm postponing The Last War, because of my inability ot create new ideas for the upcoming chapters...i'm starting a new series called "Survival" look for it next fiction update...sorry xit
12:29 am | September 4, 2003
V W ﻁ
12:29 am | September 4, 2003

7:37 pm | September 3, 2003
There were 2 spartans that werent at REACH, plus the MC.
1:42 am | September 3, 2003
oh yeah, everybody read my "The Lost Colony" series. i think it's good and i got a good reaction on part 1, but it looks like no one read 2 and 3...read em!
1:39 am | September 3, 2003
what? 3 Spartan II's? I thought it was just John...who else was left?
Dwain Faithfull
12:14 am | September 3, 2003
this story is excellent, will we see the 3 spartan II's that survived?

Hey agent, what happened to The Last War?
Agent Shade
10:28 pm | September 2, 2003
i agree, well done
3:54 pm | September 2, 2003
very interesting. Sorry i cant give my usual cadre of tips, i got other stories to read, and this one doesn't seem to need that much help.