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Comments for 'Visions of Purity Part 2: The Colonel'

5:03 pm | February 27, 2004
That was good. The MC gone mutiny like thing was cool. LOL. That's some good suspence and mystery in there too.

MC's Cousin
12:31 pm | February 26, 2004
Well, it was good. In a way. But I really don't think John would pull any kind of weapon on a Captain. Although I wouldn't question what Ackerson is doing, he's one slimy little bastard. But, no MC wouldn't pull a pistol on a superior like that. He wanted to find his fellow SPARTANS on REACH in First Strike too but he didn't get anywhere near pulling his gun. That's messed up man.

Signing Off

4:39 am | February 26, 2004
great, you're writing again! long ass story... kicked ass though. damn my short attention span. i blame televis... where am i?
1:02 am | February 26, 2004
Yeah, I didn't know how to spell it, and the damn Appleworks thing didn't help one bit (Damn these Macs!). But anyway, yeah. Sorry to hear you're sick and stuff. But thanks. (By the way, this would have come sooner, 'cept you got the whole LAN thing at school banned from posting in fanfic)
Sage Scorpion
4:18 pm | February 25, 2004
Wow man, that was cryptic as hell. I can't even try to think about it in depth, because it'll give me a friggin migraine. It was good though. A few things, well, just one actually: It's court MARTIALED, not the other one.

And, if Anton hasn't told you yet, I'm home sick. Fucking stomach bug. I had a whole 3 crackers yesterday, and it's lookin like I might get up to 4 today. At least I have an internet connection in my room. (Neighbors have a strong damn wireless router).