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Comments for 'Meanwhile....'

Nick Kang
10:06 pm | April 8, 2004
Woohoo! The star has the same name as me! Anyway, good story. 8.2/10 as well.
12:21 am | April 7, 2004
You don't have to do that. You're story is very good and your writing style is just as good. If you read the "Directions for use" link that you see when you go to the fanfic submission form, at the very bottom of the directions, it tells how to use the pseudocode. Trust me, it helps a lot. People like to read stories that look nice.
2:26 pm | April 6, 2004
lol, thanks. I'm gonna have to pratice on some other sites before I put the second part of my story here. Don't want to annoy you guys too much.
11:42 am | April 6, 2004
I will have to take off points for the paragraphs. I agree with what Helljumper is saying. He explained it for you so i wouldent have to write a lot. ;D 8.2/10. Keep in mind that this is still a good score. ON my first story i got like 3.6/10.. lol good job for a newbie!
7:28 pm | April 5, 2004
6:16 pm | April 5, 2004
when your gonna post a story there is a link that says something like how to post and they have the code there like
[i] [/i]
[b] [/b]
so yea
2:58 pm | April 5, 2004
yeah, i couldn't figure out how. the school computers really suck and annoying to use.
2:54 pm | April 5, 2004
Its hard to read a story that doesn't use the code. Its one big block of words, u should use the code and space out the paragraphs and then repost it. You'll hear these same comments from others.